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Established in 1969

sweet sweet bologna

In 1939 Samuel W. Hippey developed a meat business out of his home located on Baumgardner Road in Willow Street, PA (near Mellinger’s Coal & Lumber Yard). He predominately retailed his products at market stands throughout the Central and Southern parts of Lancaster County under the name of Willow-O-Brand. He diligently worked on improving his family recipes until he was able to manufacture the type of product that was demanded throughout Lancaster County. To meet this increasing demand, Mr. Hippey renovated his place of operation to a federally approved plant. In order to meet the growing demand for wider distribution of his products his plant became operational on a wholesale basis. His clientele expanded from countywide to statewide as well as bordering states. Within his fifty-four year career, he developed many new meat products. His most famous creation was Ring Bologna. It became so popular that today many other meat processing plants manufacture it as well, although no one else can say they were the originators.

In 1969, Sam’s son, Jay C. Hippey, and employee, George Sirianni, left S.W. Hippey’s to start their own venture. Jay and George purchased the building that was formerly Leid’s Meats on Railroad Street in Denver, PA which became the home of Denver Meats Inc. It didn’t take long for Denver Meats Inc. to be known for their own creation of Ring Bologna and Hot Dogs which were sold under the “Hippey” brand name.

As it was back in 1969, Denver Meats Inc. is still a small family run business with its roots in Denver, PA. Today the company is operated by Jay’s son, Sam, and George’s grandson, Matt. They pride themselves with serving the finest quality meat products that their customers have come to love and expect just as their fore founders did. Hippey products can be found in farmers markets and retail stores ranging from small independent businesses to large retail grocery chains throughout Lancaster, Berks, and Lebanon counties.

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